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Anti-Social Networking

I’m sure that’s not an original title, I did not even bother to Google it, I’m sure there are a bazillion posts like that out there. Today, I’m just “wondering out loud” along with you, no doubt.

My thoughts were inspired by today’s TED post from Renny Gleeson, Web 2.0 media and marketing guy:

I know you’ve all seen the poses Renny references. You’ve even seen the car traveling down the freeway on autopilot as the driver has head buried in small hand held device (I’m guilty) attempting to type a text message on a numeric keyboard. You’ve even seen the road sign probably in the form of a bumper sticker (it’s OK, I know it had a ‘bad word’ in it – trust me you will be OK.) Continue reading

I confess – I’m a junkie…

There… I said it. I feel so much better now, thank you! But I really am.

half-comAs I’ve been learning and growing in this new phase of life, I’ve been around mentors and others whom will recommend books to me, either in a talk, conversation, or even in another book. Something like “If you want to go deeper, try ‘Such and so’ from ‘Whoever.'” So I trip over to, and search for the title. Having been “checked out” on reading for such a long time, I’m catching up on books that are not necessarily brand new this year. The good news is, someone in this world has purchased the book, read it, and no longer desires to keep it around. Lucky for me! Unlucky for my night stand, as it towers under the weight of this new material. Continue reading

Why don’t you just get a Job?

Jobless Claims

That, my friends, is an outstanding question! In fact, I must say I do hear this question a lot. Interestingly enough, it never comes directly from a source, it comes more in the form of “… so and so was asking why…” and other similar forms.

It comes from family, friends, church, you name it. Heck, it even comes from me at times!

Why does it always have to be a job? Actually, I should pause here and offer you, the fearless reader, a little bit of background to set the context.

If you have not read the first ever post on this blog, I recommend that you do that now, you can find it here. My life’s journey had a huge “reset” about 2 years ago, when my poorly constructed financial world came crashing down, setting off a very long (and very healthy) downsizing trend, that essentially takes us to this moment in time. This “crash” turned out to be one of the biggest blessings God has ever given me, and the effects have been far reaching on family, friends, and relationships. It exposed so many areas within me that needed to die, so many things that I spent my time on that were keeping me from the very Glory that God had designed for my life.

You see, we all have a part in His story, and He reveals the script to us through relationship with Him. Did you catch that part about relationship? Continue reading

Web 2.0, Social Networking, Blah!

Or at least, that’s what I originally thought.

And now I are one.

What happened? Hmmn… It’s probably best that I start from the beginning. I’m a techy guy cleverly disguised as a reasonably well adjusted human being (my own interpretation, create your own as you wish.) My first Jr. High School book report done on a computer was coded in BASIC, snand printed using LPRINT statements (I had no word processing software at the time.) I’ve had an e-mail account since they were simply numbers (remember CompuServe?) My first use of the public internet in 1993 involved things like FINGER, ARCHIE, VT100, and finally WEBCRAWLER.  Me not afraid of using techology (some might even say over-using!)

Instant Messaging came on the scene in the late 90’s (remember ICQ – Uh Oh!) When I remembered to turn it on, I found it valuable to communicate with relatives across the country. Same deal with Simple Message System (aka SMS, aka TXT Messaging) I’ve had phones with that capability for quite a few years, and before that, a SkyTel pager that essentially did the same thing (at a much higher cost.)

All of the things I’ve mentioned so far were things I participated in, and used to some degree or another. But I began to notice a shift, and it appeared to be a generational shift. Continue reading