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MentorFlight is the blog about just that – MentorFlight! MentorFlight is my vision for bringing teens into a powerful mentoring relationship around the draw of aviation, specifically the construction of aircraft. Additionally, MentorFlight is about furthering public awareness of General Aviation and it’s vital contribution to the economy. MentorFlight will move to it’s own web space in 2009 at

I have a dream….

With all due respects to Dr. King, I really do.

Actually it is a burning passion, that has been brewing in me for about 18 months. God continues to release to me the vision in “bread crumbs” and that is because to Him, it is SO BIG, that He knows I can’t handle it all at once. I’m even beginning to get a little scared now!

I’ve been meaning to start this post for a very long time, and I’m now feeling ready to dive in. So here we go:

Aviation is an inseparable part of my being, and it is one of the main desires of my heart. I grew up in a family that always had an airplane of one kind or another, and the most fond memories of my father are in an aviation setting.  Unfortunately (for the family) family life was fairly out of balance toward aviation, and I spent most of my evenings and weekends at the airport, helping work on airplanes. I tell people that I never saw Peter Pan as a kid, but I could pull the artificial horizon out of a Cessna 152 faster than anyone you knew! Continue reading