The time has come for STRUCTURE!

The time has definitely come.. for some structure in the Cole Family. But first, a little background.

For most of my employed and self-employed life, I’ve been in roles that do not demand that I be in an office, or “on location” on a regimented schedule. It’s really the way I would prefer it, but that’s a “whole ‘nuther topic!” When you combine somewhat of a lack of self discipline in the past, with a flexable working arrangement, it tends to default to a rather un-structured result. Sprinkle in a little of the “night-owl-ness” and, well, I think you begin to see the total effect.

That result is not the best formula for creating a stable family environment, where mom has security, and the kids have positive things they can count on – nevermind the benefits to me personally! I’m fairly convinced that many of us have the awareness dnaof what the needs of our family are that create this zone of safety, but in the busy, plate-spinning world that we live in, we often don’t truly have (make) the time to set up a dependable structure. There are those families that do have this – I’ve seen you throughout the years, and have envied you; I’ve wanted what you have, wanted it for my family, I’ve just not seen how I could get it. Truth is, God had to clear out the underbrush in my life, and make space for thoughts like this to even be processed. Actually, as I write this, there’s even a deeper truth that comes out for me… I wanted it, and may have even had the ability to implement some level of it, but like so many other things that I wanted for my life, it scared me to death. Continue reading

It’s been a long road…

I have so many half completed posts in my blog that I need/want to finish. But every once in a while, God rocks our world, and best laid plans are to be set aside. Well, God rocked my world tonight.

Those that know me well know that music is an enourmous theme in my life. Music has a dramatic effect on me, it is one of the very ways that God speaks to me. I was not always able to phrase it this way (thanks Ransomed Heart)  but I now know why certain songs, certain words pry at my very soul, bringing me to all flavor of emotion, manifest in goose bumps, chills, and tears.

My dear friend Kit Reichow wrote about music in his blog post just the other day, and the story resonated with me. I, too, have seen August Rush (thanks Kit) and I get the analogy… The music IS all around us, we just have to listen. God is all around us, we just have to LISTEN!

Prior to “the fall” (not Adam and Eve, I’m talking the Bryan Cole Dark Valley circa 2007-2008) I rarely watched television. I’d been an avid Star Trek fan in the past, especially “The Next Generation” series from the early ’90s (I think Picard is a fantastic leadership study.) But the years before “the fall” I dismissed much of the things that I enjoyed in the past, and as the Star Trek saga rolled on, I ignored it. However “post fall” I began to take a little time to catch up, and I really began to enjoy “Deep Space 9.” Then one day, somehow, the DVR caught “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Of course, I immediately judged it as not up to par with the others (before watching it – such old habit) but I gave it a chance. I do now like the series, but the real power for me was in the opening title scene, which plays on every episode.

The video here is that very opener. It is basically a 1 minute history lesson of great travel expeditions and their craft achievements, from the 16th century HMS Enterprise to The Space Shuttle (and beyond.) It really wakes up my heart, to the results of perseverance toward the dreams and desires that God wrote upon our heart, so that we would be drawn into the role that he has for us in “The Story.”

But it gets better. I began to research the song “Where My Heart Will Take Me” and the song is SO powerful! The words speak directly to me, right here, were I am EXACTLY in MY story.

Check out the lyrics:
Russell Watson Lyrics
So needless to say, the song went on my iPod, and at times I listen to it in the car over and over again, consecutively. The music speaks to me; God speaks to me.

And He’s been speaking a lot lately.

In the last few weeks, I’ve really been hearing a lot from God in many ways on my part in the story. It’s gone from a general understanding based on my desire, and is rapidly moving into a laser focus. The song means more and more. I attended a Money Coaching training class (more on that in another post) and the designers used some music here and there in the seminar, and I began to share this song with them, as overcoming money issues can be a real transition point for many (don’t I kn0w.) That brought the song to the forefront (I’d not played it in a few months). But it gets better.

So I’ve also been catching up on some movies I’ve missed, especially those with an inspiring story – another way God reaches me, and many others, is through movies. I watched “Patch Adams” this evening. Whoa. Tears. God was answering a lot of questions about how my desires were going to manifest themselves for His glory, and he tore down a lot of barriers that I was already creating, with that movie.

So the movie ends, my face is blustery and wet with tears, and then the credits come. What’s the end title track? “Where My Heart Will Take Me.”

I totally get it, God. I’m over-engineering the use of my Gifts. You’ve spoken to me through the character of Patch Adams; just GO and use my gifts. And if I did not get that loud and clear, you cemented the understanding with a song.. THE song..

God, you are amazing. God, you are so good. You go to such great lengths to speak to us, to draw us to you, into your story. And you are so patient, as we begin to take what you give us and try to mold it ourselves, as if the clay was still wet. Then we remember, you are the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. You wrote the story, and it is finished; and the more we listen, the more we are drawn to it, the more we are drawn to you. And the more we experience the Glory you have SPECIFICALLY for us.

The music IS all around is, we just have to listen.

Foggy Car Windows

Welcome to “My Two Sense Worth,”  a little corner of my blog that I just came up with the other day. As I traverse life, I often run across things that I see other people struggle with, and I have often wondered how I could share my solutions to these problems. Then it hit me (Blinding Flash of the Obvious!) Share it in the blog! So here goes the first installment!

Foggy Car Window

Foggy Car Window

As the cold weather has set in, just about daily I will see someone driving down the freeway in their car with nearly completely fogged up windows, save for the spots where they have rubbed the fog off so that they can drive. Just to clarify, I’m speaking of fog on the inside of the window, not on the outside, nor am I speaking about the tan haze that accumulates on the inside of front windows over time in the summer when the sun releases chemicals from the dash.

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Shiny Eyes – Benjamin Zander

Just a few hours ago, a friend sent me a link to a TED video of Benjamin Zander talking about classical music, and it really struck me (thanks Kit, you have now caused me to spend time researching TED and Ben himself!) I had to share it with you all here. I find myself being drawn to individuals who have a clear knowing of what their purpose is, and that actually live it; It’s become a journey for me as well.

Some will watch this video and speak of how it is an excellent lesson on listening and understanding classical music. For me, it was so much more...

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