The Dollar Stretcher

Hi Friends,

This is the first post in my “Financial Peace University” category. For those of you who don’t know, I facilitate Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at Twin Oaks Church. As of this post, we’ve had over 100 people through the 13 week course, and it has been (not to be cliche’) LIFE CHANGING!

FPU is not about accounting and math, it is about behavior change, and about looking at things differently (paradigm shifts are my favorite thing!) People that have had challenges with “Financial Programs” in the past find great success with FPU. And the cool thing is, whether you’re dealing with collectors right now, or tring to figure out the best way to invest your 401k, there’s meat here for all. Our next class begins January 18, with a free preview on January 4. Come see what this is all about! (More info here)

Recently, one of our attendees sent me this link (thanks Sue):

It is a link to “The Dollar Stretcher,” a web site that has timely tips in a multitude of categories for saving our hard earned cash.  I’ve added it to my RSS feeds. I hope you enjoy it!


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