…Bring the Rain

10 Foot Forward, 10 Foot Back…

You ever feel sometimes like you are getting nowhere fast?  We started the latter half of this year as a family moving forward in so many areas; Financial, Time, Margin, Relationship, God, etc…

Then we moved to a new home.

Man, did that throw a monkey-wrench into things. Away with the margins, and back crept many of the old habits that defined life for us not too many months/years in the past, and denied us the life we wanted.

Life for the last 30 days has felt quite a bit like a treadmill, where we’ve spent a lot of frantic energy (energy that we wish we could have spent on other things) moving, but not moving ahead.

It really feels Yucky.

I guess really the good part is how we fairly quickly felt the “old” us creeping in (and truthfully, it wasn’t a “creep” it was more of a full-on “flow”.) The health habits slipped, the communication tapered off, we went back into reactive, on and on.. We were able to recognize it and quickly say, almost as your GPS says, “Make an immediate U turn! Dead End Ahead!” In truth, it’s not a U-Turn so much as just the need to navigate the swerve, and remain grounded in God.

Pastor Dan’s message today was especially poignant. God has brought the rain in our lives. We’ve had a few months of clear skies, but the rains are back. And the message today was all about embracing the rain; God’s calling us to “swerve” back toward Him. He cares enough to send the Rain. Thanks Dan for the reminder.

And so I pray…
Bring me Joy, bring me peace
Bring me the chance to be FREE

Jesus Bring the Rain.


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