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Sharing with Urban Life Church

I had the honor of being asked to share recent parts of my story with Urban Life Church on February 5, 2012. My dear friend Bill Jenkins pastors this intimate group of believers. It is affectionately known as “Church in a Bar”  by many that know of it, as it meets, literally, in a bar in downtown San Jose. There’s something about that that just seems cool – like where Jesus would be hanging out today..

Hope you find something helpful in my story.

A love letter…

I am so amazingly in love with you –  and my love for you grows stronger with every day that I spend my life with you.  I begin each new day wondering what you have in store for both of us – what adventure will we complete this day, what challenge will we have to overcome that we can only overcome together. Yes, I even look forward to those things from my past that you bring up and force me to deal with – I know that working through those things only deepens the adventure, and beaks down any remaining parts of the wall that prevent me from fully knowing and experiencing you.

It wasn’t always like that, you and I…   Continue reading

Do your job, do it well, make it fun!

Hi friends,

Sorry for the radio silence lately, lots ‘O stuff going on (mostly good.) Lots of partially completed posts hanging around, all fun stuff, we’ll get them up in due time for your perusal.

But for now, just a quick post. You all likely know that I have a passion for people working in their gifting. A past blog post about Benjamin Zander is a classic example.. I get “shiny eyes” every time I watch the clip.

I firmly believe that we all have an “offer” – that offer can show up in so many ways. As I’ve learned through my own experiences, your “offer” does not necessarily drive you to a vocation that “is” that offer. In other words, just because you’ve got a ‘knack’ for understanding people does not mean that you wear a title of “People Understander.” Your vocation is never enough to encompass who you are..

However, through creative means there are always let all that you are come out in your vocation…

Like being a great Musician, that can “rap” in an amazing, creative way, but just happens to be a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant.

See for yourself below.. And we’ll catch you with a new post.. very soon!