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…Bring the Rain

10 Foot Forward, 10 Foot Back…

You ever feel sometimes like you are getting nowhere fast?¬† We started the latter half of this year as a family moving forward in so many areas; Financial, Time, Margin, Relationship, God, etc…

Then we moved to a new home.

Man, did that throw a monkey-wrench into things. Away with the margins, and back crept many of the old habits that defined life for us not too many months/years in the past, and denied us the life we wanted. Continue reading

Extreme Birthday Makeover

It really was….

I turned 40 on October 10th…. and it was truly an event. You should know that birthdays for both Kim and I really have been “non events;” that is, we never really had parties, or did much other than exchange a gift, and acknowledge that the day had passed.

For many years, I had to calculcate my age, as I just never really remembered… it mattered very little to me. And so as I approached “The Big 40,” I assumed much would be the same. Again the number mattered little to me, and so there was not an overwhelming urge to celebrate this birthday…

until recently… Continue reading

The Journey

It really is a journey. No really, it is. Seriously.

I know this now, and I am seeking to embrace it – but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, it has only changed very recently.

I’ve spent the “first half” solely eyed on the prize, the destination, and I’ve mostly ignored the journey. Those who know me have heard me describe the first half as my “plate spinning” era… ¬†disconnected, driven, with a heart trying to tear its way out; seeking validation in things, people, habits; and achieving great success in those endeavors, at least by the world’s measurements. Continue reading