Eating for Optimal Health, Part 1

I’ve been asked many times by people who have observed me losing 50 pounds this last year and a half (it actually does not have to take that long, “How did you do it?”

I love the question, and the answer is both an enjoyable one for me to deliver, and at the same time a source of great frustration. You see, I’m beginning to learn that, in many areas of life, “common knowledge” is not necessarily “correct knowledge.” Yet somehow in our society, we tend to elevate it to law very quickly.

In no area is that seemingly more true than in medical science, especially with regard to how we as humans should eat. You have the USDA food pyramid, with it’s base of grains, breads, and rice – and it’s recommendation to use fats and oils very sparingly. You combine that with the rest information they tell us ( who are THEY anyway ) and you get a low fat, high carbohydrate diet as what is optimal for our health.

So.. have you looked around lately? How have we done with this in the last 30 years? I think you will agree, we’ve failed. Or rather, the ‘diet’ has failed us, and failed us big time. This is why it’s so frustrating to me – when I offer assistance to someone to help them get on the right dietary track, I have to wade through the incredible amount of “common knowledge” that they’ve received through a myriad of channels in order to deliver the real truth about eating well.

I plan to bust myths regarding healthy eating in a series of articles (subject to change as I move along…)

1- It’s Not The Color Of Your Bread That Counts
2- Eating Fat Does Not Make You Fat
3- Eating Cholesterol Does Not Raise Your Cholesterol
4- A Thin Person Is Not Necessarily A Healthy Person

But first, let’s set the stage. I have followed Dr Eades for quite some time (long before implementing his recommendations.) As with many discoveries of truth, he was suspect of the ‘status quo’ of information that was prevalent at that time (and still is – it’s actually gotten worse.) He began to research on his own and, well, it’s best if you just hear it directly from him below. Have an open mind, and we’ll begin replacing “common knowledge” with truth in these next few articles. Warning: following along may cause you to implement new ways of eating, causing you to lose large amounts of weight, feel better, and enjoy eating in the process. And, you’ll have to help YOUR friends wade through the piles of misinformation and untruths being sold as “common knowledge.”

I’ve been wanting to share this with you all for a long time – I hope you enjoy the journey!

p.s. click the link to go to the site – it may be a bit easier to read in it’s original size…


Title: Four Patients Who Changed My Life - Dr Michaerl Eades
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