Shiny Eyes – Benjamin Zander

Just a few hours ago, a friend sent me a link to a TED video of Benjamin Zander talking about classical music, and it really struck me (thanks Kit, you have now caused me to spend time researching TED and Ben himself!) I had to share it with you all here. I find myself being drawn to individuals who have a clear knowing of what their purpose is, and that actually live it; It’s become a journey for me as well.

Some will watch this video and speak of how it is an excellent lesson on listening and understanding classical music. For me, it was so much more...

I see this clip as more about knowing why you exist and living it. I see Benjamin Zander as a man that knows his “why” and lives it with passion. Just watch Mr Zander closely, you will notice certain traits:

  1. What he shares comes from his heart
  2. He fully embodies everything that he had to impart to the audience
  3. There was passion, and emotion in his delivery at a very deep level from within him
  4. He was not simply delivering a speech, he was involving everyone in an experience
  5. His fulfillment comes from the transfer of the experience to his listeners
  6. To him, the glass is “half full” and the world is a world of abundance.
  7. He had 100% confidence that the room could own the experience, and he even stated that up front

I just love watching people who know why they are on this earth. They do what they do at a very natural level, it comes from within them, and if you come in contact with them, you can’t help but experience them, and their enthusiasm for life. Benjamin is one of these people, clearly; he knows why he lives, and his life has significant meaning because of it. The great thing is this that to live this way is not something that is reserved only for ‘special’ people; in fact, it’s the very thing that is in those that we call “special” people, and it is available to all of us who have a heartbeat and turn Oxygen into CO2.

I watched this video not one day after watching a video of Simon Sinek of SinekPartners. Simon is another man who knows clearly why he gets up in the morning and does what he does. In fact, he teaches others how to discover the same about themselves. This has stirred my passions, as I already have discovered (and love to lead others through) finding your unique ability. Simon takes others through a process called “The Golden Circle” and helps them find their “Why.” I am excited about going through that process with SynekPartners very soon.

I hope you enjoyed this video as I did. Classical music is great, but experiencing someone who knows why live and shares it, is even better! You’ll have to watch the video, or you’ll never understand the Shiny Eyes part 🙂

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