Why don’t you just get a Job?

Jobless Claims

That, my friends, is an outstanding question! In fact, I must say I do hear this question a lot. Interestingly enough, it never comes directly from a source, it comes more in the form of “… so and so was asking why…” and other similar forms.

It comes from family, friends, church, you name it. Heck, it even comes from me at times!

Why does it always have to be a job? Actually, I should pause here and offer you, the fearless reader, a little bit of background to set the context.

If you have not read the first ever post on this blog, I recommend that you do that now, you can find it here. My life’s journey had a huge “reset” about 2 years ago, when my poorly constructed financial world came crashing down, setting off a very long (and very healthy) downsizing trend, that essentially takes us to this moment in time. This “crash” turned out to be one of the biggest blessings God has ever given me, and the effects have been far reaching on family, friends, and relationships. It exposed so many areas within me that needed to die, so many things that I spent my time on that were keeping me from the very Glory that God had designed for my life.

You see, we all have a part in His story, and He reveals the script to us through relationship with Him. Did you catch that part about relationship? When you are a driven, busy, lonely, “self made” man as I was, there is no time for relationship with family, friends, and spouse, let alone Him. And so it goes, I was living life devoid of  relationship with my Maker, and I was left to create my own script. And when we are left to our own methods to design our life, where do we turn? Society, The Church (not God) friends, family, Gurus – it’s a never ending search to piece it all together into a story that is somewhat readable.

— Wait —

Does this sound familiar? Ok tough, pointed question. How many of you reading this can actually say, without a doubt you are doing on this earth what God has planned for your life, and you know this because of your relationship with Him, and the conversational intimacy that you’ve cultivated with Him?

I can’t answer that for you, but I have a hunch that it’s a very small percentage of people walking this big blue marble that can say that they are walking in His Glory. Truth is, you don’t even need to ask someone to know, you can spot these people easily. The sense of purpose just radiates from them – not a driven-ness, but a quiet confidence from deep within their sole. If you’ve not watched the Ben Zander clip, do so now… THAT is what “IT” looks like.

I hear that a book is being written about making the shift over to the Road of Glory, and living through the change… more on that later (grin).

— End Pause —

And so we come to my present world. I have chosen to live a life of Glory, playing the part that God has been holding for me for so long. I have something very powerful to offer the world (as do you) and the world has been short changed without it.

One of my biggest fears in this journey would be that I would become driven to ‘solve my own problems’ again, and cut of the beautiful stream of life from God that is flowing through me. And so I bring this question to Him daily, ” God, Father, is this the day that I begin the Job search?” And the answer thus far has been many-fold:

First, God knows that left to my own methods, I’ll “get it done without Him.” Oh, how true that is for so many of us, eh? We just “resolve” and away we go. And in that resolve, we “dissolve” the very work God is doing in us. No, God has made it VERY clear to me that he is teaching me and guiding me to be completely and utterly dependant upon Him, and that I “need a bit more time.” In truth, I know He is right; by the world’s standards, I was able to put together a “pretty good” life without God – I know that may seem strong, but really, if we’re not intimate with Him, can we really say that the life we have is the Glory life? Sit with that one a little bit during some quiet time and ask God for His comments… and while you do that, try to keep your editorial to a minimum, and see what He says.

Second, he even let me experience it. A couple of weeks ago I was at a low point, and found myself looking at the Craigslist job postings – and there’s a ton of them! Where does a guy with my past go? Back to Information Technology, of course! I began to get tired and depressed; in my heart I know that while I was a very good IT guy, it’s not where God has uniquely gifted me. But I know he let me go there… to Craigslist… and after looking at page after page, I felt Him saying “See, there’s nothing there for you.”

So to those that wonder when I will get a job, the first answer is “When God tells me to” and to Him I bring this question daily. Meanwhile, he is developing in me new, previously untapped unique gifts, “my offer” if you will, to the world,  my “lines” in the story that He’s been waiting for me to read. All the while he provides for my familie’s needs (not wants – clearly.) I’m not out looking for a Job, I’m learning to listen and converse intimately with my God, and learn what he has designed for me, and designed me for. I know if I do this he will provide for my family, and who knows, he may even provide a “job” at some point in the future. I’m open. It is a Journey.

Above I mentioned being at a low point a couple of weeks ago. Mere hours after the “Craigslist experience” I received a note from my friend Kurt Johnson (Mr. J). Kurt has an amazing children’s ministry that he takes on the road for a significant part of the year, reaching kids in a mighty way. But every morning, he takes time to write to whomever God puts on his heart. And I received a note with this passage on it from Leviticus 26, which Kurt personalized to me:

6-I will make your home a place of peace – You-ll be able to sleep at night without fear. 8- I’ll give you my full attention 9- I’ll make sure you propper and I will keep my promise to you 11- I’ll set up my residence in Bryan’s neighborhood 12- I’ll stroll through your streets 13-  I am God, your personal God who recued you. I ripped off the harness of your slavery so that you can walk about freely.

There have been times in my life when I’ve had more toys, more worldly comfort, lots of praise from people, and even status – all things in which I sought comfort and value – none of it lasting. God loves me SO MUCH that he stripped it all away, and is teaching me to live in Him first, loving the Journey and trusting Him for the destination. I would not trade this moment in time for ANYTHING.

And dear friends, He has the very same thing for you, He wants you to live in all of the Glory he has for you, fully alive.  Part of the Glory of my life that God has revealed to me is that He is using me to help many to ‘switch roads” and make the Glory choice. So dial into your gift, get close to Him, and if I can help you process any of this, please leav a comment.


One thought on “Why don’t you just get a Job?

  1. Gina

    just let the Holy Spirit lead you through the right door at the right time….sometimes it is a process for so many reasons we don’t know at the time…so important for us to do our part in seeking but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance…in this day and age don’t get discouraged because Satan is working twice as hard to make us give up in ANYTHING….your in the palm of His hand even though it may not feel like it

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